Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Frustrations of a Good Girl (Part 1) - Bisi Akindayini

Hello, I am the good girl! 
What does this mean? You may ask. 
Well that’s exactly what I am about to unmask. 

Loyal. Charismatic. Funny. Beauty. 
Intelligent and Independent. 
I clean. I care. I even cook. 
That’s a pretty alright look, which many people tend to overlook, but without question… 
Compulsory I undertook. 

You see, primary socialisation and the cultivation of this civilisation 
have led to the formulation of this good girl identification that’s caused my frustration. 

Frustration? Yes frustration!! 
It’s because this specification, is a total violation, 
that needs elimination due to society’s reformation. 

Like for-real NO FORNICATION? 
That practically eliminates the entire congregation


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