Saturday, 31 August 2013

Just Talking... Read x

Thank you all for supporting me in my poetic journey!
Portrait of  a poet was not my original decision but after some thinking i realised that this was the perfect name

As my poems do illustrate different moments and events of my life.
Some are long winded or very emotional. I.E. " Why is love so complicated?"
or there is the occasional vengeful poem "Unfinished " under the title 'Hard Times'

Moreover, Some of them are just random thoughts about self image and esteem which a few women (most) struggle with ie "Body" and "Your eyes" (won 1st place)

Finally, portrait of a poet is my new baby which I hope to develop and it can only happen with people reading and feed backing their thoughts

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hard Times

Is it because I told you
After all we've been through

Took me for a fool
Did I ever use you as a tool?

Thank you ever so much
Not a look, glance or even a touch

Good girls gone bad
You won't make me mad

I felt as if I had no status - empty - desolate
But I'm not desperate
Nah not for you

Or am I missing something
Since I'm nothing

Is it your brother let me keep that silent
Only you and I know fuck you and your talent

Shying away from the truth - my fault
Yet you still shut me out like a vault

Its calm and no resentment
Its all entertainment

Wish you nothing but the best - adele
But I have more to tell

What happened to the laughs and hats
And your dead chats

Almost lost a friend
I haven't even come to the end

This is my therapy
Young: Tall Blondes with Action Mans
Curvy sistas with Handsome Brothers
I’m talking usher
Short stout males with leggy females
Teenagers : Awkward kissing and unfamiliar fumbling

Middle Aged: They have kids – around 5+
Bland hair and bad teeth
Plus a beer belly- But they still see the beauty within
Whats the point of loving again
When number 1 is over here?

Old:Totally grey – silver foxes that mirror TCM
Sitting in  the park with shopping trollys
Looking into each others fading eyes
Been through so much – a life sentence
Why change now?

Find the one that loves you unconditionally…

Award winning poem ( 1st place in college) not exactly Duffy ' Your Eyes'

Kinky Twist, Single Plaits
Braids silky or  matte.
Dark or Light
A midnight hue or chocolate delight
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

Thick, fat and plump
Looking like a hefalump
Thin as a rake
Easy to break
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

Hourglass, apple or pear
Why care?
Do you?
Do you prefer bamboo?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

Is the grass embarrassed for being too green?
Elle have controlled you since you were thirteen.
Mum says I’m beautiful
That’s just painful
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Why is love so complicated?
Its always the plain ones that wish
for Efron or Denzel
counting couples in the park
Until Dark, this is what it has come to

Why is love so complicated?
Love even has names
Unrequited – Forbidden – platonic
Then there’s me no boyfriend or even a kiss

Why is love so complicated?
Thinking about the person when you’re just an option to them
Tall, dark and handsome – Pale, short and plain
Pay attention to me
They say good things come to those who wait
I have waited enough; love.

Why is love so complicated?
And shallow – see past the size 16
And Natural hair
I have a good heart
No, its about image

Why is love so complicated?
Going to bed whilst your pillow
Soaks in all the resentment of the one that doesn't care
They’re oblivious to the fact someone is writing this poem for them.



One day its going good
Sexy- Curvy – finesse –unstoppable…

Put the jeans on they don’t fit
The button struggles to fasten
Muffin tops becoming visible
Coats becoming Tighter
Sizes doubling into the danger zone. Evans

How about we all walk around naked?