Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hard Times

Is it because I told you
After all we've been through

Took me for a fool
Did I ever use you as a tool?

Thank you ever so much
Not a look, glance or even a touch

Good girls gone bad
You won't make me mad

I felt as if I had no status - empty - desolate
But I'm not desperate
Nah not for you

Or am I missing something
Since I'm nothing

Is it your brother let me keep that silent
Only you and I know fuck you and your talent

Shying away from the truth - my fault
Yet you still shut me out like a vault

Its calm and no resentment
Its all entertainment

Wish you nothing but the best - adele
But I have more to tell

What happened to the laughs and hats
And your dead chats

Almost lost a friend
I haven't even come to the end

This is my therapy

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