Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Still not perfect
What do I want?
Having these unsure thoughts?
It's not fair on you nor to me
Everything a girl could want 
But still not quite there
Seem to be attracted to the ones that

Do not suit my ideal
You chased him - now what?
Are you going to let things slip away?
Far from you but heavy on your heart

Still not quite there 
Why is there something missing?
I asked - he gave - turned up
Still not good enough
Why am I not excited?

Friends screaming excited 
You a shell - sharing and showing the beauty outside
But hollow within
Empty and desolate

Your heart heavy
Do you like the chase?
So now what?
Settle down have kids?
No, not with you.
Maybe, just not yet
Yes, to be safe

Lack of submissiveness 
You're too feisty for a brother

So easy to pick holes 
In something you once wanted
But now want to get rid of


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