Wednesday, 17 September 2014



This will be the hardest one

It's falling apart
My family's love heart
Fixing, mending and comprehending 
The breakage
Split ends that need cutting
Everyday a decibel raises 
We are all going through faces 
Your not happy mum
You used to be so fun
Living through the edges 
Never allowing them to get to you
After what we've been through
I suppose we all have our breaking point

You're growing up brother
No longer having a need for your mother
It's okay 
But the relationship is suffering decay
Acceleration to be man
When you no longer have your number one fan
We care you don't get it
Stop digging yourself a pit

The financial situation is dire
Lord knows we haven't got a spare tyre
Rolling as they burst 
Covering the holes with tape 
Mother covering us with her superman cape

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